The Washington Post
Led by drummer Joe McCarthy, Afro Bop Alliance celebrates CuBop traditions with plenty of assurance, contrasting churning clave rhythms with bursts of vibrant colors.
Mike Joyce
Latin Beat Magazine
Afro Bop Alliance is a delightful Latin Jazz Combo from Washington DC that swings with accomplished musicianship and seasoned passion on its debut CD, Encarnacion.
Jesse Varela
Robert Amico
Crisp, clean and tight. These musicians understand Latin jazz. Encarnacion is a wonderful expression of the feel and attitude of the genre. A pleasure to enjoy in the am, pm, alone, at a party or driving in full fidelity!
Margarita Davila
Encarnacion is great! Los sonidos are fantastic! I'd gotten away from listening to this kind of music for a while. but, I'm glad I didn't stay away. Gracias!
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Release Date : February 7, 2007
Artist : Afro Bop Alliance
Catalog ref. : B000FTK6D2

Latin jazz has been called the perfect union: the artful combination of the dynamic rhythms of the Caribbean with the melodic sophistication of jazz. That also describes the music of AfroBop Alliance, an exciting 7-piece ensemble based in the Washington DC area. With the release of their first CD, “Encarnacion (Incarnation)” AfroBop Alliance makes a bold statement about their approach to Latin jazz.