Vince Norman/Joe McCarthy
Words Cannot Express

Afro Bop Alliance
Camino Nuevo

Jeff Potter

A pool of impressive talent from the Washington, DC area is tapped on two vibrant releases.  Once features a hard-swinging big band, the other a joyful, grooving Latin jazz sextet.  Both are masterfully helmed by drummer Joe McCarthy.  As leader of Afro Bop Alliance, McCarthy shares kit and percussion roles on Camino Nuevo (Jazz Maniacs Records), mixing modern and traditional grooves with the fluid ease.  Co-leading his big band on Words Cannot Express (OA2), McCarthy’s voracious drive fuels the thrilling, surprising arrangements of multi-instrumentalist Vince Norman.  An in-demand freelancer, McCarthy’s also the drummer for the drummer for the United States Naval Academy’s jazz ensemble.  If his sworn duty is to swing, then he’s serving his country well.