BASIC Training

BASIC Training includes:

BASIC Training is a graduated system built upon the five foundational components essential to achieving total control of the drum set including Balance, Alignment, Substitution, Interdependence, and Control. I realize there are a lot of educational avenues available and sincerely believe that by creating a customized program to meet your wants and needs we can more efficiently set you on the path to your musical goals. I have been experimenting with BASIC training on myself and with my students for decades. The concepts behind BASIC training are based upon 4 decades of performance, and teaching in a wide variety of settings. Built specifically for YOU!

What Sets BASIC Training Apart?

Weekly, One-on-One lessons to target the areas of interest and growth.

Tailored program to meet YOUR overall educational needs including physical, musical, and emotional

Wellness – Set-up, posture, breathing – understanding the importance of physical awareness

BASIC Training: The Guide to Health and Wellness – provides tools/tips to help maintain health and well-being for longevity of life and peak-performance.

The Essentials You’ll Need for BASIC Training:

  1. Drum set
  2. Sticks
  3. Metronome 
  4. Recording device (i.e., phone) – to monitor progress